Upcoming Changes

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Upcoming Changes

Postby Metaxa » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:20 pm

Hi Maniacs,

Currently the developers, the test team and GM's are working on some upcoming changes.
Some will be active next Wednesday, some a bit later.
This post is ment to give information, not to shoot at the changes ;)


* Arena rewards: 1 PvP Token for a win, 0 for a loss.
* WG rewards: 2 PvP Tokens for a win, 1 for a loss.
* BG rewards: 2 PvP Tokens for a win, 1 for a loss.
* Arena Spectator mode will be implemented.
* Professionboosts will be available for MP aswell for PvP Tokens.


* Most website mounts will be added to vendors.
* New mounts will be implemented on the website.


* VIP members will receive a VIP Token.
* A VIP vendor will be implemented with "VIP Only" mounts for VIP Tokens.


* Mall vendor items will be updated.
* Maniac weapons will be added.
* Class LK set will be added. Not OP. "Starters set level 264".

On behalf on the staff,

Enjoy the game,

Gamemaster Metaxa.

New mount
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New mount
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