[GUIDE] How to Vote Correctly

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[GUIDE] How to Vote Correctly

Postby Janitor » Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:20 pm

I have been getting a few tickets and messages with the following...

"Why am I not getting the rewards from voting? I vote everyday."

Below is a very quick explanation of how to do it and what can go wrong.
I just want you to understand that the voting/reward mechanism works! And if you are not getting the rewards chances are you are not doing it right.

First the basics:
1. You can vote once every 24h per site.
2. Each IP will count only once (if you have multiple accounts only one will get the rewards).
3. You must be logged to our website to vote.
4. The rewards are given on the next day (after midnight ST) to the first character that logs in.

If you do everything right you should get up to 6MPs on the next day. We will double that in the weekends.

What can go wrong?
1. The voting site may not successfully send us the confirmation of your vote.
2. If on the next day you vote again before retrieving your rewards in-game first you will forfeit the previous reward and will only get them on the following day. That is to say if you go on holiday and vote for 10 days from your phone, when you come back you still get only 7MPs.
3. If you are using a proxy you may not get the reward.



Just pay attention to the lower left corner of your client window and you will see this on your chat.

I hope this helps.
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