Arena Seasons and Winners!

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Arena Seasons and Winners!

Postby Kalasbyxan » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:44 pm

Wow-Mania Arena Seasons and Winners

Rewards for each season are yet under discussion.
Winners from previous season are encouraged to give feedback to Kalasbyxan regarding the rewards for future references.

Season 12: October 4th - December 12th 2017

2v2 first place: Alabama wife beatn crew (Perfypoo, Simplybest)
2v2 second place: Funky Style (Clickclack, Brkica, Kayoh)
2v2 third place: kebabs power (Lolzbringer, Fen, Deathahawk)
2v2 fourth place: just for lolz (Wurf, Jareth, Sacredin)
2v2 fifth place: Crit me harder baby (Ellalala, Grumm)

3v3 first place: Eat my kebabs (Smelldudu, Ellalala, Clickclack, Lolzbringer, Deathahawk)
3v3 second place: N/A
3v3 third place: N/A

5v5 winners: N/A
5v5 second place: N/A
5v5 third place: N/A

Season Eleven: July 5th 2017 - September 27th 2017

2v2 winners: shadow cleave (Blindmyswd, Sharkqt, Chinky, Eatmylightx)
2v2 second place: Dont kill the dudu (Necrosiss, Htlolpwnt, Dreamer)
2v2 third place: The girl backpedal xD (Roflqt, Drpoo)

3v3 winners: Da Fun Maan (Necrosiss, Htlolpwnt, Ellalala, Dreamer)
3v3 second place: queueup (Miira, Avah, Rize)
3v3 third place: people do this (Krypta, Batzy, Moonkeeper)

Season Ten: March 29th 2017 - June 28th 2017

2v2 winners: Arena Team (Dump, Hc, Diabloso)
2v2 second place: SoHigh (Dreamer, Gettemjax)
2v2 third place: Farm inc chillout mate (Krypta, Brothapoop, Perfypoo)

3v3 winners: olala (Sharkqt, Qhuenie, Awillix, Warjax)
3v3 second place: Leave Me Alone (Necrossis, Htlolpwnt, N/A)
3v3 third place: korven (Mankala, Ellalala, N/A)

Season Nine: January 18th 2017 - March 21st 2017

Redemption Placements

2v2 winners: Chewbacca (Jareth, Chewey)
2v2 second place: Gladiateur bouri bourass (Charo, Muffinbutton)
2v2 third place: JUST RANK ONE (Krypta, Perfypoo)

3v3 winners: YesWeCan (Akhel, Wolve, Maxsteel)
3v3 second place: Le petit poisson (Muffinbutton, Charo, Dump)
3v3 third place: Just Dance (Necrosiss, Gettemjax, Xamia)

5v5 winners: Aguabuabua (Madsancti, Lunarpaws, Noxxpally, N/A, N/A)
5v5 second place: N/A
5v5 third place: N/A

Season Eight: July 6th 2016 - January 6th 2017


2v2 winners: Gladiateur bouri bourass (Muffinbutton, Charo)
2v2 second place: Chilli Con Carnage II (Kyo, Hotncold)
2v2 third place: SunHawks (Gettemjax, Lodos, Perla)

3v3 winners: Le petit poisson (Muffinbutton, Charo, Dump)
3v3 second place: Tugas on fire (Escavaca, Dopeelf, Demoncratic)
3v3 third place: ich been aus of time (Chaospriest, Stunmachine, N/A)

5v5 winners: N/A
5v5 second place: N/A
5v5 third place: N/A

Season Seven: February 2016 - June 19th 2016


2v2 winners: Vatos Locos (Diabloso, Dcode, Whoopas)
2v2 second place: Free Procs (Skbzwarz, Undefeated)
2v2 third place: Chilli Con Carnage II (Proshifter, Kyo, Hotncold)

3v3 winners: We are so fly (Diabloso, Dcode, Kiass)
3v3 second place: Durperity Durp (Sugarz, Cameloth, Whirlmend)
3v3 third place: TROUBLE (Manusfury, N/A, N/A)

5v5 winners: pala power and maiko (Persephonie, Verity, Wiglaf, Maiko, N/A)
5v5 second place: tripleeasytokill (Xantha, Dayshadow, N/A, N/A, N/A)
5v5 third place: forfun (Illidin, Mck, Noidea, N/A, N/A)


2v2 winners: whatever (Corynna, N/A)
2v2 second place: bloatedchode (Bull, Beatingu, Bubonichron)
2v2 third place: Something hinges (Lokkek, Drazien)

3v3 winners: neth is the strong one (Kryckan, Nethris, Swed)
3v3 second place: N/A
3v3 third place: N/A

5v5 winners: N/A
5v5 second place: N/A
5v5 third place: N/A

Season Six: ends on January 27th 2016


2v2 winners: Bulgaria nad vsichko I (Sttyler, Nik, Prevartel)
2v2 second place: MP plz (Diabloso, Dcode, Shopa)
2v2 third place: Klinda stikes II (Klinda, Bayozor)

3v3 winners: TSG for the win (Klinda, Bayozor, Itchyo)
3v3 second place: Bulgaria nad vsichko II (Sttyler, Nik, Prevartel, Ganinka)
3v3 third place: N/A

5v5 winners: N/A
5v5 second place: N/A
5v5 third place: N/A


- At the end of a season, all team ratings reset

- The arena season is then on a short hiatus while winners are being contacted and rewarded. Players not accepting their prizes within 29 days are excluded from rewarding.

- The arena season winners are drawn as close to midnight turning TBD as possible by Kalasbyxan and can not be argued.

- N/A are based on either conflicting placements, players not active at the time of rewarding or not enough competition for placement (below 15% participation of team total and less than 50 matches played).

- Any information is subjected to change if needed
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