Regarding announcements ingame and professionality

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Regarding announcements ingame and professionality

Postby halendia » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:00 pm

Hello! Firstly I want to start off by thanking everyone involved for the work being put in on keeping WoW-mania updated and an active community, I'm really enjoying my stay on this server and I thoroughly appreciate the entertainment it provides.

I have something minor I'd like to address that's been bugging me for quite some time now, and I don't know whether this will come across as "grumpy butthole", but I'll do my best to not make it so (english not primary language).

Mods/admins communicating with chat channels through server announcements. Now, this mightn't seem like the end of the world, but it gives off a very unprofessional vibe. I'll explain my view below;

<tl;dr>When I was new to the server a good 2 months ago, I very quickly realised that the community was going to be quite difficult to penetrate - attempting to participate in chat banter usually resulted in no response (probably because I'm not funny, or not knowledgeable in local topics such as Coma or Coma accessories). I play together with a tight group of friends so I haven't felt a huge need to participate either - So /world has ended up in a separate tab in my chat, I very rarely look at it. I also do not participate in /event, since I'm far far too slow typing to ever stand a chance, but also far far too uninterested in extra mounts and pets.</tl;dr>

I can understand announcing an event like a GM-organised raid, or an upcoming draw/quiz/challenge through a server-wide message, I think that's very much what it's for, and I'm very pro the stimulation of the community! HOWEVER! Receiving warning messages related to /world, and results or questions from /event when I'm not even part of those channels (!) becomes very tedious and annoying.

Clarifying what I mean with some potential "yays and nays":

  • Announcements about upcoming events, for example: "Join us in the event channel in 5 minutes for quiz X and Y for a chance to win a bla or a blaha! Type "/join event" to participate!"
  • Server-wide/gameplay affecting announcements, for example server restarts.
  • Chat warnings. People being inappropriate in world chat? Write the warning message in world chat. The GM tag is visible enough for people to notice. The rest of us "non-participators" really are innocent, I promise!
  • Event details. Not to be confused with announcing upcoming events, but rather relating to messages like "Yay, winner of X and Y is Z! Congratulations!", they kinda belong in /event, and so do the questions and potential hints.
  • GMs responding to /world questions through announcement. This one happens very rarely, but I've seen GMs replying through announcements to questions in /world. Certainly not an everyday thing, but it has happened.


Again; I'm really sorry if I come across as unappreciative or rude, but the points I've made might be something to consider.

Thank you very much for reading.

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Re: Regarding announcements ingame and professionality

Postby Kalasbyxan » Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:13 am

Hello and thank you for your feedback!

We got guidelines on how to act and engage with players and the server itself, when situations like replying questions through announcements happen it's likely a newer GM who isn't fully briefed or experienced yet. The same goes for the chat warnings in world chat, we are not supposed to apart from the server announce about respect in world chat. The rest is supposed to happen through whispers simply because the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to public correction. I would reply more fully if I wasn't short on time, but really thank you for the feedback. We'll look through some of it that I haven't adressed already :)
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