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Bug Posting

Postby Lightmare » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:59 pm

Open discussion on if we should bother posting bugs we find.

I bring this up, because after leveling my first char to 80 and hitting some stumbles the next one I brought through I started logging some things that occurred again as well as a couple other things that came up.

As a brief background, I played retail (far to much probably) but I would say I have a pretty strong grasp on how things in game should work.

Normally I would say its a great idea to log things. I understand there is limited dev time and that anything resolved is a bonus for a free service. I also understand that this isn't retail and there may be some cases where its just not going to happen. That said, I get the feeling that when I take time to log a bug, they seem to be dismissed as I'm just ignorant.

I've submitted some bugs figuring I was going to improve the overall experience of the game. Not necessarily expecting anyone to jump on them and fix them.

Issue: https://github.com/WoWManiaUK/Redemption/issues/1552
Quest says item will work in listed areas. It doesn't so I logged it. Tester looks at it, confirms some of the findings. Then the item is suddenly closed with: "Working in dev. There are very specific locations in each area where you can use it. It does not mean that in "any" place in that area you can use it. Just walk around and find the spot where you can."

This is not true. When an item says it works in an area. It's not pinpoints, its anywhere your map lists that area.
But ok... moving on.

Submitted a couple of other quest related bugs. One couldn't be reproduced, which I expected since it worked fine for my prior toon, but the GM trying to help me said log it.

Issue: https://github.com/WoWManiaUK/Redemption/issues/1547
This one first I'm dismissed as wrong even though the quest text matches what I'm saying is wrong. After some back and forth its at least considered for a later time. At least a "happy" outcome but sort of like pulling teeth to say something is wrong

Issue: https://github.com/WoWManiaUK/Redemption/issues/1582
Listed that a quest was requiring a breadcrumb quest as a prerequisite rather than option.
This one was just closed with "As is." I can accept if its not critical, but its not right "as is" It's wrong. No one would know to travel to another city to get a quest to come back to their home city. At least acknowledge it isn't right and just say its not worth doing because nobody else has noticed or cared.

Issue: https://github.com/WoWManiaUK/Redemption/issues/1589
This one probably annoyed me the most. I log an issue describing what is, or in this case, isn't happening. I list how it worked in retail. I even describe why its a problem the way it currently is. The response is: "OK there are 57 of all them in the world. I have no idea why you said 8. Check the quest details." A snapshot of the quest in the armory is included.
So essentially I'm told "you are an idiot" look this up on the armory and kill different mobs. The big problem I have with that is, 1: that's not how it is supposed to work. the quest even tells you its at the front gate 2: The mobs listed are database really database anomalies. Possibly from retail, I don't know, but I do know you wouldn't be expected to travel to Storm Peaks to complete the opening quest of Howling Fjord. 3: If I took the time to enter a bug and you are going to reply back with the info I may have already seen, at least take the time to see if its legitimate.

I understand that my snapshot of 6 or 7 bugs I've entered doesn't necessarily represent what happened in the other 1500+, but if over half of the ones I've submitted result in being brushed off as my ignorance, why should any of us bother? I thought I was doing a good thing, but I feel like it just results in my own frustration and I can see from reading other submissions that I am unlikely the only one.
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Re: Bug Posting

Postby Janitor » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:54 pm

First wrong place for this rant.
Second, you are free to argue your case.
Third, if the bug was closed was because either it could not be reproduced. or had a work around or yes you were simply wrong.
If you have any more to say about this feel free to message me directly at support@wow-mania.com
There is absolutely no point in trying to incite people here against the decisions taken by the devs or testers.
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