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Hi there

Postby lokha1408 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:19 am

Hello Everyone,

I'am new to this server, Ive been a retail wow player since WOTLK expansion and I still do play retail version as of today still , I just bought the Battle of Azeroth Expansion as well which I'am excited to play it when it releases in a couple of weeks.

I'm into pvp like arenas and RBG's which I have 3 level 110's in retail wow but my main is a DK.

my reason being for being here is that Ive read reviews about this server and I said I miss the old WOTLK days and I want to relieve it again, so I decided to give it a shot :)

plus right now the new retail wow season for Battle of Azeroth doesn't start until end of august so im on a little break at the moment :P

but I do hope I can join you guys in relieving the glory days of WOTLK as soon as it finishes downloading hahah.
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