Get more players into dungeon queues

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Get more players into dungeon queues

Postby ggosse52 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:19 pm

I love to level up by playing dungeons. Its a great way to get fast XP, especially on awesome double XP weekends.
Between levels 15 and 70, I am lucky to get into one or two dungeons so I have stopped creating new characters

To encourage more people to join dungeon queues, why not increase the rewards for doing so. Maybe double XP and/or extra maniac tokens. Emblems of Triumph at lower levels might be a motivator? Anything to get more players into the queue

Extra rewards for killing all bosses would be cool. Its sad to miss out on a good fight just because the tank wants to skip bosses.

Even at level 80, I can sometimes go a whole day without getting into a random dungeon which is sad because the reason I love WOTLK is the dungeons, they are so cool
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