This offer has now ended - Thank you all! Janitor.

Faction Balance Promotion


Starting on August 17th, Wow-Mania offers a free faction change from Horde to Alliance in order to balance the population. All you need to do in order to get the free faction change is to open a ticket and wait for a Game Master to come online and your turn to be serviced!


Help the server and the server helps you!

If you are level 70 or above and decide to assist us in balancing the server, we will reward you with a week of free VIP* (ability of extra bonus experience along with exclusive in-game commands) and a title – The Maniac.


For how long?

This promotion has the goal to balance the server population and once the goal is met – the promotion ends. There is no date or time for the expiration and the Game Masters can at any time call an end to this offer. This post is the best way to make sure you are up to speed with if the promotion is active or not. Once the promotion ends – the picture above will tell you so.

Please do help us balance the server for better Random Dungeon Finder, Battlegrounds or overall World of Warcraft experience.

Thank you!


*One promotion per account, DK's are excluded

The information is subjected to change during the promotion.

Wow-Mania GM - Recruitment Manager - Arena Season/Reward Responsible - Server Veteran

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