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Cataclysm - Alpha - Why are we here?

WoW-Mania has recently completed 4 years of activity with what is today undeniably the best quality Lich King private server out there. As mentioned elsewhere on this website we are not the biggest in population or fame but that did not stop us from achieving great things in this field. We owe this to our very capable and a dedicate team of Game Masters, Developers, and Testers. We all, sincerely, love what we do.

Having said that, it's time to embark on a new challenge. WoW-Mania is now officially starting a proof-of-concept work on a Cataclysm realm. The goal is, with time, to achieve the same level of quality as our WotLK realms. Availability should be high with weekely updates only to push all the fixes done in dev.

What does that mean?

  • We will be running a Cataclysm realm in a Alpha status with the goal of evaluating the visibility of a long term project.
  • If you find any problems (and there will be since this is an Alpha realm) make sure you log them in our GitHub repository (see link below).
  • The same rules as those in our Wotlk realms apply when it comes to behaviour and cheating.
  • If you have any problems make sure you first check the forum or the community on Discord for answers before contacting our team. We are always happy to help but please do your research first.
  • You can check the status of the server on our main page. No need to contct us to ask if server is up or that is down. We know.

Supporting the Project

  • As a TESTER - just contact a member of our team for more info.
  • As a PATRON - you can donate for in-game items as gold, maniac points etc.
  • As a PLAYER - spreading the word and bringing your friends to try it out.

Important: For donations just use Paypal or the Donate button on our shop page and contact us via Discor or our support email:

Some useful Links:

How to connect

  Step #1 - Register
Go to the Register page and register an account with us.
If you already have one for the Wotlk realms, great! You are ready to go and can skip this step.
  Step #2 - Download the Game   Step #3 - Setup Realmlist.WTF (optional - other clients)   Step #4 - Launcher

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