2 Seats Blizzlike Mounts

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2 Seats Blizzlike Mounts

Postby Ragnaross » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:18 am

Hello guys. Raggy here!
I want to open this topic about 3 mounts that looks amazing and a lot of people want them but they don't purchase them because they are not like on retail with 2 seats.
the 3 mounts are :

- http://wow-mania.com/armory/?item=150568

- http://wow-mania.com/armory/?item=150567

- http://wow-mania.com/armory/?item=163042

About the first 2 mounts.. nobody from this server has them or not so many .. maybe 2 or 3 people including myself. I bought it because Looks Amazing this mount and also thought that is 2 seats exactly like on Retail and I'm not the only one interested by those mounts and what they want is to be exactly like on Retail with 2 seats.
receiving messages like
"Cool mount bro! its 2 seats?"
"Thank you and No :( "
"That sucks"

Hope you guys support my topic and make those mounts 2 seats and enjoy them ingame ! Have a great day!

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Re: 2 Seats Blizzlike Mounts

Postby Janitor » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:05 pm

Imported mounts do not always have all the features as retail.
We basically are trying to fit in something that was not designed for the client so most of the time we only import the textures.
Special effects (spells, actions, etc) cannot be imported since the client would not know what to do with it.
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