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Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a

Alarmbot ALERT: Our new patch 2.9.8 is now vailable in 7 languages: English-flag English, French-flag French, Spanish-flag Spanish, German-flag German, Korean-flag Korean, Chinese-flag Chinese and Russian-flag Russian.

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Enjoy the game!

Last updated: Jan 25th, 2024.

Welcome to WoW-Mania

Join the Adventure. Experience the Legend. Become the Hero.

Welcome to WoW-Mania, where the world of Azeroth comes alive like never before. Step into a realm where fantasy and community create an unparalleled gaming experience. With unmatched quality and an exceptional community, WoW-Mania stands out as the premier private server for World of Warcraft enthusiasts.

Quality Unmatched

Our commitment to perfection delivers a gameplay experience that is flawless and engaging. From meticulously scripted instances to high-fidelity environments, your journey through Azeroth will be nothing short of legendary.

A Community Like No Other

The heart of WoW-Mania lies within our vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community. Forge lasting bonds, team up for thrilling quests, and share tales of your glorious battles. Here, every player is a part of our epic saga.

Features That Keep You Engaged

    • Blizzlike Experience: A game true to the original.
    • Custom Enhancements: Custom features that improve gameplay.
    • Active Development: Regular updates for a dynamic game world.
    • Premium Support: Dedicated support for all players.
    • Dynamic Community Events: Endless fun with new experiences.
    • Secure and Stable: Play uninterrupted with peace of mind.

Ready to Dive In?

Embark on your WoW-Mania adventure today. Join a world where legends come to life, and every player is the hero of their own story. It's time for your epic tale to unfold.

WoW-Mania Client now  in 7 Languages!
We're thrilled to announce a major leap forward in our commitment to providing a global gaming experience. is now proud to support clients in not one, not two, but six languages! Get ready to explore Azeroth in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Korean as we launch our latest version 2.9.8 simultaneously in all these exciting languages!
The Pandas are coming!
Our new patch is bringing a boat full of Pandas straight from Pandaria. They are here to live up the place and bring us join. Please make sure you update your client to 2.9.6 or you will miss them.