Change Log
Developers: Janitor, Keader, Rushor
Lead Tester: Jeyrella
Testers: Whitephoenix, Svijetlonosa, Vindra, Echinacea (and a few more drop-ins)

Note: From now on we will be releasing our fixes and improvements via release numbers.
These will be directed linked to Milestones in our GitHub repository. We hope with this to increase our traceability and quality of our fixes.
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Release 128 - Mar 26th, 2021. wow.png

[Player Spells/Abilities]
Death Knight The off-hand hit interaction between Nerves of Cold Steel talent and Frost Strike skill was incorrect, with FS doing too much and NOCS only affecting white hits. Both of these have been adjusted, net result with same talents should not see overall damage change by much.

Scarlet Monastery High Inquisitor Whitemane was not immune to dots while resurrecting Mograine. If he died to them before it completed, then it would leave player in combat and dungeon achievement would not complete. Now he will remember to cleanse himself before resurrecting Mograine.

Shattrath Gaining the Advantage The quest items were not properly dropping from any mining nodes (or some herbs).

Zul'Drak Terror Spinner could spawn twice in the same spot. Not pleasant for arachnophobes so we cut this back to the intended single spawn!
Terrokar Skithian Dreadhawk and Ethereal Nethermancer were feeling lazy, not using skills or even reacting when aggrod. We gave them a poke.
Isle of Quel'Danas Dawnblade Marksmen carried on casting even after rogues threw a Distraction. Now their attention properly wanders.

The Bubbly Fissure s in Desolace, Moonglade and Arathi did not restore player breath when near - important for at least 2 quests.
Borean Tundra While fixing the Bubbly Fissures above, we moved a couple in the Tundra that we found under the ground.

Wintergrasp Several issues resolved:
- the Defending team now get teleported inside the fort when they join the battle
- the Defender's Portal at 44.1, 22.5 now works as expected
- the position of an NPC stuck underneath the Eastspark Workshop was adjusted
- Commander Dardosh and Commander Zanneth now only spawn when their related faction holds the fort

The detailed bug reports for this release can be found here.

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