PVE Realms
Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a
How to register a game account?

First create an account with us here.

Once you have successfully created your account you must download our client here.

After the downloaded is completed, make sure you move the client folder to the root of your computer drive. Any drive will do (C:, D: or whatever you may have), just make sure it is at the root. Ex. "C:\wow-mania".

A Forum account is automatically created with the same username and password so if you have any problems you can check our support section and post any queries.

For a more in-depth guide please read this post.

What do I do if I have an issue?

If the issue is connection, a donation or anything that is specific to you or your account you should first check the forum.

If you cannot find a satisfactory answer there try contacting us directly via Discord or e-mail. We will do our best to help you.

However, if the issue is related to an in-game activity, such as quests, items or anything else related to the game itself and apply to all feel free to create a Ticket in-game and also to log the issue in our bug repository on GitHub.

Some Useful Links:

  • Forum
  • Discord
  • GitHub Repo

    If you still have any questions contact us at:

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    What are the rules of the server?

    We have a few rules for you to follow in order to make the server a pleasant experience to everyone. You can check them here.

    If you break the rules you will very likely be banned at a GM's discretion.

    Please also check our Refund Policy here to avoid future issues also.

    We strive to make this a happy and supporting community so anything that goes against it is considered an infraction and subjected to a ban.

    For more info please contact one of our GMs in-game or via our Discord server.

    Do we offer transfers from other servers?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer server transfers for many reasons, security, compatibility, commitment etc...

    Most transfer tools you can use today are buggy and will at one level or another leak your password to the makers of the tool. We do not trust anyone and value the privacy of our players.

    Every server that does accept this sort of transfer is either underpopulated or very low quality and run by amateurs.

    Trust us, you would be better off joining the best The Wrath of The Lich King server and starting again then moving to a crap second class server.

    Having said that, if you can bring some of your friends or guild with you (10 or more) we can offer some incentives to get you started faster, for example, a potential boost to level 70 (including basic gear, money for spells) and VIP for a month depending on the size of the group.

    The weekend is a good time to jump in as we have double XP and if you have your account RAF'ed with a friend you can get an extra x3 and level fast.

    Feel free to contact us directly via Discord and we can discuss and clear any questions you may have.

    Thanks a lot for considering our server as your new home.

    Can I connect to the server using a proxy?

    Unfortunately, for security reasons, we do not allow connection via free public proxies.

    We do support many official ones like WTFast, Pingzapper and others.

    If you really need to use it or is only given one by your ISP contact us so we can unlock your ISP's IP range.

    We are constantly adding more support provided it does not compromise the security of our server and our players.

    I was banned by a GM in-game, How do I appeal this ban?

    Innocent or not, the best for everyone is to stay calm and use the proper procedures to make a Punishment Appeal.

    You can read this post on how to properly make a Ban Appeal.

    How does Refer a Friend (RAF) work?

    You can link yourself to a friend's account when you (or your friend) are creating a new account.

    The first step is to pass your user ID to your friend during Registration. You can find your user ID here

    Then let your friend enter your user ID in the RAF field at the registration page.

    RAF will give you the following benefits:

  • Summon a friend
  • Grant a level
  • 3x experience boost

    To actually get these benefits you need to comply with the following conditions:

  • Be in a group with your friend
  • Be within 4 levels apart from eachother
  • Be lower than level 60

    [RAF Abuse bans]

    Players that use RAF to boost themself will be banned!

    1) RAF is "Recruit a friend" NOT "Recruit yourself"

    2) Players that can prove they are 2 players playing from same IP is fine.

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    What are the VIP commands?

    VIP players have several commands as stated below:

    - To repair all your items without spending any money

    .vip repair

    - To access mail box any where any time

    .vip mail

    - To access bank any where any time

    .vip bank

    - To show the expiration date of your VIP subscription

    .vip end

    - To unstuck you in case your are stuck some where

    .vip unstuck

    - Add the XP multiplier (must be within 1-6). i.e. .vip xp 6

    .vip xp $rate

    - Will revive you (with resurrection sickness) if you are dead.

    .vip revive

    Check it out here: SHOP