Vote/Maniac Point Ideas:

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Vote/Maniac Point Ideas:

Post by Blades137 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:26 pm

Allow them to be spent on items from Naxx/Ulduar:

The trinkets, weapons, off hands, etc. would be useful.

Having the ability to fill in critical spots would aid in gearing quicker, especially those of us that have multiple ALTS and want to gear up a tad quicker, without providing BiS slot items, but better, or equal to, blues, crafted, FoS/PoS normal gear.

Even if it was limited to just ilvl 200, 213, 219, and maybe 226 items

Most guilds only raid Naxx and Ulduar for fun, and I rarely see groups for ToC outside of the weekly raid.

With the focus on ICC, giving us access to lower level gear won't overpower us too quickly, nor would it take away from the Coin store, since the vast majority of the gearing stuff bought there is ToC/ICC level (I can only assume).

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