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What is multiboxing?

Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously. That is why you might see player Janitor running in front of four other players named Janitoor, Janithor, Janitorr, Janiitor.

Is it ok to multibox on WoW-Mania?

Multiboxing is a gameplay style accepted by Blizzard as a player who multiboxes needs to have an equal amount of game copies and subscriptions as they want characters. One per account. Here on WoW-Mania we strive for the blizzlike experience and have always accepted multiboxing. This means of course under the same conditions as any other player and character on the server. No cheating, harassing, exploiting, etc.

When is it NOT ok to multibox on WoW-Mania?

When your gameplay ruins other player's gameplay. A multiboxer has to use common sense (debatable, I know). Let's say your five characters are waiting to kill Steelsnap in Thousand Needles and other players come to kill the same object. Common sense tells you to let the other player in on the party before every one of your characters has taken their piece of the cake. If a quest area is populated or a quest is awaiting completion from other players, we simply ask the Multiboxer to refrain from it until later. Your experience and actions as a multiboxer should account for the experience of one player, not five.


Here is a list of DO's and DO NOT's for Multiboxing.
(This is by no means a comprehensive list, it is simply to be looked at as a guideline!)

  • Create up to 5 characters, and assign hotkeys to control them.
  • Compose your group of 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 3 Damage Dealers.
  • Use the RDF to instant queue yourself into dungeons to power level.
  • Progress to level 80 by completing quests.
  • Role-play in areas where dialogue and movement are only involved.
  • Use your program to manually complete tedious tasks for each individual account.
  • Consider the experience of others and how some decisions you make may be unfair.
  • Expect a Game Master to intervene if what you're doing is deemed unfair.
  • Act accordingly with instruction made by Game Masters.
  • Contact Janitor directly if you wish to dispute an action and/or order was made by a Game Master. Because what you were doing was misunderstood.
  • Camp caves for resources (or anything like this).
  • Camp NPC's for resources (or anything like this).
  • Grief or cause stress or discomfort to other players.
  • Expect that players understand what you're doing. (They may report you, we will explain, you will carry on).
  • RAF yourself. It is recruiting a friend, not yourself.
  • Argue with Game Masters. If you wish to dispute their decision. Do so by contacting Janitor directly.
  • Don't Multibox in Player vs Player (PvP), which includes Arena, Wintergrasp, and Battlegrounds.

At the moment, there are no further restrictions regarding Multiboxing other than the maximum of 5 different IP's/Accounts.
We reserve the right to modify, add or remove any of the guidelines above.
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