[Death Knight] Talents of Blood Tank PVE [3.3.5]

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[Death Knight] Talents of Blood Tank PVE [3.3.5]

Post by VAGGOSDRAGOS2 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:06 pm

The Death Knight Tank is a versatile role, with a plethora of different ways to play.

This guide is not intended to go into depth about the specific aspects that separate a great tank from the rest of the herd, but rather focus on the talent tree.

Below is a general overview of the talent tree:

Blade Barrier (5/5): 5% Damage reduction for 10seconds after blood runes are depleted. If played correctly, you can always have this buff on you.
Bladed Armor (5/5) : 5 Attack power increase for every 180 armor. Thank you for the free bonus damage!
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (2/2): 4% more damage while using 2-handed weapons.
Death-Rune Mastery (3/3): When you hit with Death Strike, the Frost+Unholy runes used with 100% turn in Death runes.
Rune Tap(1/1) and Improved Rune Tap (3/3): A good self-heal in time of need.
Veteran of the Third War (3/3): Self explained, good passive stats.
Abomination's Might (2/2) : 10 % attack power passive for your party (can be covered by other classes though) and 2% Strength increase for yourself.
Hysteria (1/1): Powerful physical attack power buff, use it on a dps (Keep in mind it does not stack with some other buffs).
Vampiric Blood (1/1) : Mandatory defensive skill (paired with its glyph)
Improved Death Strike (2/2) : Good choice to progress down on later talents.
Will of the Necropolis(3/3) : The BEST blood tank talent. Period. After you reach this, there is no longer need to talent into Blood any longer.

Toughness (5/5): Bonus 10% armor value from items.

Dark Conviction (5/5): 5% chance increase to critically hit.
Bloodworms (3/3): Despite what some may think, this can prove to be a solid choice, since the worms can do substantial damage and can provide a good heal in some cases.
Anticipation: 1% Dodge chance increase per point spent.
Bloody Vengeance: Bonus to physical damage after critically hitting.
Scent of Blood: Often spent 1 point in order to progress down further.
Mark of Blood: Very situational skill. There are other better alternative.
Bloody Strikes: Increased damage on Blood Strike, Heart Strike and Blood Boil. Mostly a dps talent.
Heart Strike: If taken, to be used instead of Blood Strike.

A possible endgame PVE talent tree can look like this:
With this spec, you dive enough in blood in order to get the 3/3 Will of Necropolis.
You spend enough points in Frost, so you can have the Improved Icy Talons (helps if there is not Frost DK in raid or shaman). Also, 3/3 Frigid Dreadplate is a nice pick.
You are then left with 2 remaining unspent point. Personal preference: 2/5 Anticipation in Unholy.


This guide is not perfectly written. It has some basic talents information about Blood tank Death Knights. It is not by any way, the only way to spend your points, but basic guidelines in what to pick and what to avoid. Thank you for reading.

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Re: [Death Knight] Talents of Blood Tank PVE [3.3.5]

Post by tnyfgr3 » Thu Mar 31, 2022 5:35 pm

not bad place to start but i got to say; i disagree with some of your "MANDATORY vs OPTIONAL" skill choices

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Re: [Death Knight] Talents of Blood Tank PVE [3.3.5]

Post by Heitor1 » Sun Jul 23, 2023 2:21 am

Blood tank PVE talents for Death Knights are vital in 3.3.5. To enhance their capabilities, I recommend trying CapCut. It can elevate your gameplay and provide more control over your content. Cheers!

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Re: [Death Knight] Talents of Blood Tank PVE [3.3.5]

Post by Roy21 » Thu Jan 11, 2024 8:16 am

Game is sometime Challenging but still it become enjoyable if we save screen recoded videos and edit it with I understand now.
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