Lich King Set/LK set

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Lich King Set/LK set

Postby Matrixneo » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:02 pm

I have been away for sometimes now and after returning I have noticed that there has been an tremendous amount of nerf done the LK set.

Now I understand the this was necessary since it was first introduced it was too OP, however the stats have been decreased so much that it does not even equivalent a t10 set. I understand 99.9% of the complaints comes from the pvp uses and its aspect and believe me I agree with them, so it would be really nice if this was not even allowed to bg/arenas. A temporary fix could be a 3 day ban if reported using it and if it happened again permanent ban. A long term fix would be to not allow the person que for bg/arenas if LK set was equipped or it was in the bag. It is just an idea suggestion.

As far as PVE goes the stats(secondary) could use a little improvement. Now I've noticed a guy post the loss of stats in a post so Ill use his findings to demonstrate what I exactly mean.

-634 Melee Crit ---------- to 317
-504 Haste------------ to 252
-315 Hit ----------- to 157
-634 Resilience ----------- to 0
-152 expertise------------ to 76
-754 Armor Penetration -------- to 377
-165 Attack Power -------- to 82
-55 Parry --------- to 27
-92 Defense Rating ------ to 46

Now as of 3/18/2017 its [Dodge = 217, Def rating= 601, Armor pen= 162, Melee hit/crit = 216, 216, Expertise = 233,Parry=128]

In comparison to T10.
LK Chest vs T10 Chest
LK Hands vs T10 hands
LK Head vs T10 Head
LK Legs vs T10 Legs
LK Shoulders vs T10 Shoulders

Now I imagine Janitor and (GM,devs) are tired of complaints from both sides so please lets come up with a solution as a community that we all agree upon once and for all so that one party doesn't get screwed at the end.
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