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Postby Mumutastic » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:37 pm

Are there active guilds recruiting on the server?
Are there any particular chat channels I need to know about to see those guild recruitment posts? I am in the world chat and world trade channels now as well as standard ones.

I just got back into WOW a couple of weeks ago, after last playing when Cata first came out and then only about a month in, so it has been quite a while. I still love the game like I did back in Vanilla days. I go Horde or I go home ...always have.
I am leveling up a hunter main just because I like Bestiality "wait wut........sorry Beast Mastery. Currently, I think last night I logged at level 38 (Mumutastic).
I am also leveling an alt BELF Pally (Ezzekial - level 19ish I think). Couple of other bank alts.
I stay more active when I have a home guild and basically enjoy helping out those along the way. So just wondering what guilds were out on the server who was taking new players or in my case "OLD" returning players. I am old and I have a wife/kids/job/blah blah so I play for fun & relaxation and don't do drama.
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