Guild Leader offline for to long? What can I do?

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Guild Leader offline for to long? What can I do?

Post by AYMELEK » Sat Jun 05, 2021 8:59 pm

We want to provide the best experience for our players, so we will help you if your guild leader is offline for a long period of time, and you want help to rebuild the guild.

“How can you help? “
- We will pass the leadership to another player.

“Who can ask for the leadership?”
- Any Officer (or similar rank).

“For how long the actual Guild Leader must be offline?”
- He need be offline for a period of time superior at 3 months.

“What I can do if I am not an officer and the Guild Leader, and Officers, are offline for more than 3 months?”
- It’s better for you leave that guild and search for an active one.

“I am an officer, my Guild Leader is offline for more than 3 months, how do I ask for the Guild Leadership?”
- Open a ticket in game, stating the Guild Name, the Guild Leader name and the last time he was online, as your rank. We will take care of the checking and next steps.

“Do I need to pay anything to take the Guild Leadership?”
- No, for now, it’s a free service.

Anything else, can be asked on a Ticket in game or Discord.

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