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Website Shop Items

Post by LUCKYDEAD » Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:23 am

Hello as i sow i got disappointed that Axe's, Swords, Daggers and so one is more powerful damage and buffs than the two staffs that you offer for mages, please update the Staffs to have more equal balance to the other items as well.
I mean you have only these two staves:
and now let's check 1 other item that is the same price

as you see total difference in options + dmg, please consider some balance to Staves and armors for Mages (cloth) items. I will wait for update to get ones

would prefer update to :
+ Damage 900-1400
+ Critical Chance
+ Critical Dmg
+ Intelligence
+ Stamina

Something like that to make it equal to others (cause warriors type characters will be over buffed with dmg don't stand a change)

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